Quality Checks and Tests

# Protection Against Electric Shock

# Provision for Earthing

# Resistance to Aging

# Insulation Resistance and Electric Strength

# Temperature Rise

# Tumbling Barrel Test (For Mechanical Strength)

# Glow Wire Test

# Flexing Test

# Ball Pressure Test (Resistance to Heat)

# Checking of Creepage Distance

# Digital Push pull Tester (To check Crimp Quality of Terminals as per IEC 60320)

To check the pull out force of solder less crimps as per IEC 60352. Patrol inspection of crimp pull force conducted by our inprocess QA. Crimping is done by a proper applicator due to which pull force consistently meeting above the IEC prescribed limits.

# Power Plug Integrated Tester (To Check for Live / Neutral Interchange, Polarity, Continuity and High Voltage Test)

Foolproof Hi Pot Tester which checks High Voltage, Continuity, Short Circuit Wrong Polarity Insulations resistance. Confirming products will be provided with Test Marking and Guillotine cutter of Non conforming products.

Quality Checks and Tests

Product Safety Lab



Dedicated lab for reliability testing which meets the product safety norms as per IS -1293 :2005 (BIS)

About Us

Just Connect Electricals Pvt Ltd was established in Feb 2012 in Chennai, India. Over the years, with continuous efforts to insist on quality as well as pragmatic spirit of service to win the trust of customers.

Our company is mainly engaged in the processing and assembly of the power cord & wiring harness products. Since the establishment of the company, we adhere to the "quality first, competing for efficiency, integrity is priority, supreme service" business philosophy, and zero-time lag service to supply the huge demand for domestic and foreign customers.

We are to meet the diverse needs of innovation and change, to feedback to our supporting customers at a reasonable price with excellent quality. "Our efforts, waiting for your recognition"

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the most leading power-cord manufacturing companies with a robust global footprint.

We strive to be a best company that works alongside the spirit of corporate governance, where we promote a sustainable future in the manufacturing industry and society at large


Our Mission

Our goal is to meet our customers needs and expectations by serving them with excellence in product, supply chain management and services .

We support this goal through our work ethics, our drive and the expertise of each individual employee who all strive to provide a dedicated and valued service to our customer base.